• “Absolutely first class work from Spencer on our home theater install. He was personable when he came for an estimate. His estimate was accurate, reasonable, and itemized. He was very easy to work with when it came to selecting speakers and designing the overall system. On install day, he put forth great effort in keeping the work area clean from the inevitable drywall dust and debris. He measured everything very carefully and the speaker and TV placement were perfect. The job was difficult, but he and his partner refused to quit for the day until it was complete. Everything was properly set up, calibrated, and sounds and looks great. And even after a long day, they did a great job cleaning up. I would definitely recommend Spencer for similar work, and plan on calling him back the next time we have a need. He is a true professional, and we are very grateful for his work!”
    – Jesse B. (Angieslist.com, 09.06.2017)
  • “Since my last review in 2014 I have had Spencer install a Wifi extender (not the one you plug in the wall but a powerful booster to give me 50 mgbt download in the backyard), an outdoor tv, and an outdoor soundsystem. He is always super responsive, extremely professional, cost effective and efficient. Five installs in three years–nuff said. At least call him before you pull the trigger, you will be impressed!”
    – David W. (Yelp.com, 07.16.2017)
  • “Spencer did a terrific job wall mounting 5 televisions, running all necessary cabling and installing our Sonos surround sound. I would recommend him exclusively!”
    – Greg B. (Yelp.com, 05.18.2017)
  • “Spencer called me back in 10 minutes on a Saturday. I was desperate to see a ballgame after my Receiver lost power (my tv ran through it) and I had to reroute a/v lines. He did not have time to come over today, but walked me through the changes I needed to make and told me to “call him back if I encountered any difficulties”. I was very impressed with his concern and fixing the problem for me since we had no prior relationship. When I need help with tv set up in the future, I’m turning to him.”
    – Randy C. (Yelp.com, 02.25.2017)
  • “Spencer is a true professional. Was very quick to respond with questions over the phone, was punctual with the appointment. He didn’t waste my time and was upfront with his estimate and broke down costs. Definitely would do business with him again! Big thumbs up!”
    – Ian M. (Yelp.com, 02.20.2017)
  • “We are new to California, so I have been looking to Yelp and other review sites to help find people who can fix issues with the house we bought. That’s how I found Spencer of Omega Technology. The positive reviews were spot on. Our house has relatively old wall-mounted TVs, surround sound, receivers, etc. The house seller’s IT guy suggested my husband swap receivers in 2 rooms so my son could connect his game system where he wanted. Big mistake. So many cords and equipment! My husband was confounded by the mess. IT guy said he would come back as did cable guy, but they stood us up. We went months without the TVs hooked up. Spencer saved the day! He immediately responded to my Yelp message. Arrived on time, which hasn’t been the case with a lot of other contractors we have used. Even wore booties over his shoes without our asking to protect our floors. Sorted out and reconnected everything, got surround sound working, showed us how to use it, and even emailed us the information so we wouldn’t forget. Come to find out, the seller’s IT guy incorrectly said the newer receiver could be connected to my son’s TV. Spencer figured it all out very quickly, was very nice and professional, and his fee was very reasonable. Did not try to upsell us upgrades because right now we just wanted things reconnected, although we now know who to call when we update all of this. I wish all technicians were like him!  UPDATE: Spencer just did more work for us this week, and once again we were very impressed. The old, ugly ceiling-hung surround sound speakers in 3 rooms started to fall apart, creating a safety concern. We originally thought they could be replaced with less obvious in-ceiling speakers. However Spencer discovered that the due to the unexpected, odd way the existing speakers were installed, dry wall repairs likely would have been needed if we went with in-ceiling speakers. We did not want to have the project result in such repairs plus a lot of painting, so we were back to the drawing board. Spencer then showed us not only great smaller, less conspicuous speakers, but also brackets that very neatly and completely covered the holes from the existing brackets. He and his assistant Tyler did a very meticulous, neat and clean, professional, aesthetically-pleasing installation job that did not domino into the extra work I had been dreading. I am very relieved and very happy with the job. We will not hesitate to call Spencer again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
    – A. A. (Yelp.com, 08.12.2016)
  • “I had Spencer and his team over to redo our home theater system and I could not be happier! The sound and picture of our system is now incredible, thanks to some adjusting that Spencer took on. Of note, Spencer is well educated on the latest products available and can easily put together a system that fits your needs and your budget. I will be back and I’m happy customer – definitely call this man for your home theater needs”
    – Miguel A. (Yelp.com, 06.28.2016)
  • “Spencer is a REAL professional. After a somewhat disastrous projector install by a hereto-unnamed AV installation company, I decided to request a quote from Spencer at Omega via Yelp to fix it.My existing install was a real mess- the corner wire molding was falling off the walls, my projector was not properly aligned (original installer told me it couldn’t be fixed) and my surround speaker mounts were not installed properly, so one of them came right off the wall along with the speaker- very dangerous!Spencer was prompt in his response via Yelp messaging and then phone (text and call). He arrived exactly at the scheduled time, wore booties into the apartment so as not to get the carpet dirty, assessed the situation, and then let me know it was easily fixable, with a quote of around 1.5 hours time at a very reasonable rate. The work was not easy- securing each segment of wire mold and then reinstalling the wires along 2 walls in close quarters on a hot day, aligning the projector mount (turns out this was easily fixable but the other company’s installer didn’t know this; Spencer also threw in a focus adjustment) and when I asked if he could extend a speaker and move it to a corner, he agreed and did so very quickly. After he was done, Spencer cleaned up quickly with his shopvac and I was good to go.Great experience with Omega and Spencer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
    – R. V. (Yelp.com, 06.24.2016)
  • “Spencer is just a solid professional. Always shows up on time and extremely trustworthy. He did an install while my kids were trying to nap and he and his crew tip-toed around quietly while they worked until the kids woke up. I got a couple quotes from other companies and Spenser’s quote was the most detailed and accurate of what I asked for. I had them install an outside tv, speaker system, relocate my entire cabinet for 2 systems to another location in my house. Excellent work and I’ll be calling Spencer back for my next project. It’s been 3 weeks since the install and no problems on his programming or system set up.”
    – Ryan B. (Yelp.com, 10.20.2015)
  • “I read the yelp reviews and called Spencer. He came out looked at the job within two days and I thought it was a simple job. He quoted it but was honest and said “once we get under the house the scope could change”… Well it changed. Small crawl spaces and cement walls every where. “it’s a maze”. Needless to say he worked through it keeping me informed the whole time. 12 hours later the job was done exactly the way I wanted and Spencer kept his word doing a professional job.Highly recommend!Thanks”
    – Joel S. (Yelp.com, 09.01.2015)
  • “I called to get a tv installed. Spencer came in and he cleaned up all the old wiring,made some changes and installed the tv and sound bar in less than an hour. Everything worked the first time he turned it on. He went thru all the remote buttons and made sure we knew what to do.In addition he took away the old set saving me the aggravation of doing it myself. All in all he is one fabulous technician and I would recommend him highly.”
    – Janis C. (Yelp.com, 07.27.2015)
  • “Spencer did an awesome job. Timely, quick, great work and a pro. Had a 48 inch with articulating mount installed and the price was more than reasonable. He has all equipment ready to use and if you already have stuff it will be prorated or likewise. True story.”
    – Joseph K. (Yelp.com, 06.11.2015)
  • “I initially contacted Spencer of Omega Technology regarding installation of a home surveillance system. I called the number provided and left a message and then received a text message within minutes that he was in a meeting but he had received my message and would contact me later. I was unable to answer his return call but we set a time by text for a phone meeting the following morning. Spencer actually contacted me ahead of schedule. (refreshing)After speaking with Spencer I was advised that my home is quite a distance out of his service area. Although he was unable to perform my installation I had many questions regarding equipment type and the installation process. I have to say Spencer was so accommodating and took the time to answer all of my questions completely without hesitation. He even went so far as to try and put me in contact with another provider he had worked with in the past that was in my area. He was unsuccessful in reaching the other provider, but he did take the time to follow up with me and let me know he at least made the attempt to assist me further.If I were ever in need of this type of service again or know of anyone in Omega’s service area in the future I would definitely recommend them. The excellent customer service I received today was unexpected, but much appreciated!This was my first experience using Angie’s List and have to say I’m glad I decided to join.”
    – Stacy B. (Angieslist.com, 05.28.2015)
  • “We were referred to Omega Technology by a small business owner who has used Omega. Spencer was consultative taking the time to trouble shoot source of issues we were experiencing with our wifi. After assessment, a proposal and discussion on what to expect for the work was presented. Omega is professional, timely, and solution orientated even to the extent of coordinating with our wifi service provider to ensure the entire system was efficient. As a result of the positive experience, we are obtaining another quote for TV and sound.”
    – G C. (Yelp.com, 05.27.2015)
  • “Spencer is a true professional. He shows up on time, cleans up after, and is totally courteous and understanding. He is also very, very good at the installations and knowing how to make the various components work together. He understands what the client would like in their system, and the technology that can make that happen.I have never encountered any service person who is even half as good as dealing people and technology as Spencer. He will do all work from now on”
    – Kevin O. (Yelp.com, 04.26.2015)
  • “I called Omega because of the many excellent reviews and wasn’t disappointed. Spencer not only arrived on time, but when he called the day before, I asked if he could come earlier than the time originally scheduled. He said he would try and indeed showed up 30 min. earlier. Went right to work and resolved the problem quickly. Would definitely use his service again and highly recommend him to others.”
    – Howard M. (Yelp.com, 04.15.2015)
  • “Spencer showed up right on time. He did a quality job installing my sound bar and coordinating the FIOS dvr with the dvd player, soundbar, roku, and tv. Everything is working beautifully. It took him about an hour and 15 minutes but he only charged me for an hour and refused my offer to pay him for the extra quarter hour. I would recommend him to anyone doing a home entertainment install.”
    – Robert B. (Yelp.com, 03.27.2015)
  • “Spencer and Brandon showed up on time and wall mounted 4 tv’s for us. One was hung on marble, which they did perfectly. I’m completely impressed and happy with their level of professionalism. They even took the time to get the tv’s connected to the wifi, cleaned the mess made during installation and wiped the tv’s clean. We’ll definitely be using them for all TV needs in the future.”
    – Dara A. (Yelp.com, 02.24.2015)
  • “On-time and high-quality work. Very professional and my future choice for all electronics installation.”
    – Dan D. (Yelp.com, 10.14.2014)
  • “Needed some wires hidden (tv mount), and called Omega Technology. Had a tight budget too. Spencer did a terrific job. He arrived on time (8 am), was neat, organized, and methodical, and he cleaned up after himself. The job was done extremely well, and Spencer kept it all within my budget. He was honest, fair, and worked hard the entire time. I highly recommend Omega!”
    – G P. (Yelp.com, 07.24.2014)
  • “I needed two 55″ TV’s, surround sound, xbox, blue ray, etc., in my man cave. Looking at yelp reviews I decided to call Omega and was COMPLETELY satisfied. Spencer took my call, patiently answered my questions, steered me in the right direction to save $100’s in components, and came by the next day for the installation. This guy works smart, fast, and is very knowledgeable. I have had a lot of AV work done and Spencer can get more accomplished in less time than anyone I have worked with. The value I received for the price I paid was extremely reasonable primarily due to his efficiency. I would HIGHLY recommend Omega!”
    – David W. (Yelp.com, 07.16.2014)
  • “Today I needed a 36″ flat screen TV mounted onto my wall in my office where I hold ServSafe Food Safety Manager Classes in the Old World Oktoberfest Village in Huntington Beach. Best buy’s Geek squad wanted $250.00 bucks to install it and I would have had to wait 3 days. I found Spencer’s company on Yelp and made the call. Spencer came out within 2 hours and installed it pronto and professional for only $95.00 bucks. So, yeah please consider this a great review. I would highly recommend Omega Technology. Thanks again!”
    – Kevin H. (Yelp.com, 07.15.2014)
  • “Spencer was on time, worked efficiently and is a cool guy. He’s installed three television sets and one sound bar at my home and I’m happy with his work.”
    – Marc T. (Yelp.com, 06.25.2014)
  • “I needed to have a 65” flat screen mounted, along with setting up all electronics and surround sound, so I searched Yelp and Internet for suggestions. Omega Technology came up with Five Stars, so I zeroed in on that one.Spencer took my call, and set up a time to come out and look at the job. I was immediately impressed that before coming into my home, he put on a pair of booties to ensure he did not track any dirt on my hardwood floor. This gave me a good idea of just how meticulous he would be in handling the job.We agreed on a price and date, and Spencer and his assistant came out yesterday to take care of the job. The job went smoothly as quoted, and his attention to detail delivered more than what I was expecting. I had family over hours later to watch the National Championship Game, and received multiple compliments on the job!If you are looking for a hard working guy, attention to detail, cleanliness and a great spirit, look no further than Spencer and Omega Technology. I was very impressed by his work, and will be happy to give a “Five Star” reference to anyone looking for similar work.Thanks Spencer!”
    – Tim T. (Yelp.com, 04.08.2014)
  • “I never write reviews and this experience was so good I decided to finally write one. I called Omega Technology on Monday and Spencer picked up immediately. We talked about how much it cost to mount 3 tv and his availability. He made time for me to do the install even with his busy schedule the very next day. Spencer was super clean, polite, honest and has fair pricing. I wish all technicians are like this. There is no doubt I will call him again for his service again. Highly recommended!! Keep up the good work Spencer.”
    – Thomas C. (Yelp.com, 04.03.2014)
  • “I was having an issue with a camera system I had previously installed. There were 6 cameras, and I could no longer access the feeds, live or otherwise. Spencer debugged the system, got all the cameras operational, then got all the remote feeds working for our PDA devices.Spencer’s his name. He was on time. He was very thorough. He came up with some different solutions. He cleaned up after himself, made it really nice, even vacuumed.”
    – Michael W. (Angieslist.com, 02.08.2014)
  • “Don’t call anyone else. Spencer is honest, reliable, clean and on time. I would use him again for sure. His prices are fair.”
    – Dan L. (Yelp.com, 01.24.2014)
  • “Here we have an installation company headed up by Spencer Smith. Take a look at some of his pics and you will see why I hired him to do our plasma install. Meticulous wiring. I not only needed the install but I also needed him to pick up the unit at out local best buy. He came out the same day, helped with the cabling decisions and did the right job at a fair price. There was another cable that we needed and he dropped back by to help. Courteous, great work, timely and cleaned up behind himself. What more could you ask for in a business filled with hacks this guy is right on. I highly recommend his work.”
    – JC G. (Yelp.com, 12.16.2013)
  • “We hired Spencer to come out and help with an older sound system we had and he was so helpful. A couple of days later our television broke so we had him come and mount that as well. He went out of his way to pick up the tv for us and even took the old one and disposed of it for us. He is very knowledgable about everything. We would hire him again if we need to.”
    – Sheryl R. (Yelp.com, 10.06.2013)
  • “I reached out to Spencer via e-mail and explained my situation – had most of the equipment there, but not the right wires, and most of it was not yet hooked up. Spencer was diligent about following up, asking questions about my setup, and providing the quote. Showed up right on time. The final result was well within the price quote, and took the amount of time specified. This guy knows what he’s doing and has the right experience. There was no up-selling or pushing me to buy the equipment, I’ll have no qualms about calling Omega Technology next time I need help with A/V setup.”
    – Alex M. (Yelp.com, 08.02.2013)
  • “I’ve hired Omega technology for multiples jobs and have been very impressed every time. I had to mount two flat screens and Omega technology was able to handle this quickly with no problems. They bring everything they need, clean-up afterwards and treat you very kindly. I will definitely hire Omega Technology again!”
    – Tony O. (Yelp.com, 10.22.2012)
  • “I am a hard person to impress but I was truly surprised at the excellent and quality work performed by Spencer of Omega Technology in rerouting a satellite cable at my home. I found Omega Technology through a random search on craigslist.org in desperation to not have this cable hanging over my roof and routed through the dog door. Not only was the job done completely (included painting the cables which I didn’t expect), repairing the outside wall, cleaning up any sign of cutting into the wall, and it was very reasonable cost wise. I encourage you to support this young business in their quest to grow their local company.”</>
    – Ofra Z. (Yelp.com, 07.19.2012)