Omega Technology is a custom home theater company, located in Huntington Beach, CA, that specializes in the installation of integrated audio and video systems into both residential and commercial properties.

Our goal is to harness the latest technologies and deliver performance driven a/v systems that are dependable and easy to operate.

We are price conscious in the design of our systems and focus on ensuring our clients receive an intelligent system that is customized to accommodate all of their needs, whether simple or complex, while offering the best performance and value.

Omega Technology offers consultation, design, programming, installation and after sale maintenance and support. Our knowledgable staff is excellent at troubleshooting and diagnosing problems and providing practical and efficient solutions.

We strive for outstanding customer service by offering a solid, comprehensive and professional approach to design and installation, by utilizing state of the art technology that meets our clients’ needs, by keeping installations on time and on budget and by paying close attention to detail and respecting our client’s property.